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Civil and Criminal Litigation Support Services for Attorneys
Family Law Investigations
Our investigators can assist in all aspects of Family Law Matters, including child custody , divorce, and domestic violence issues. Whether your client needs Surveillance to prove residence, or evidence of a spouse involved in criminal activity, National Investigators can get you the proof you need. We can also locate Hidden Assets, conduct Background Checks, and locate hard to find individuals. We also specialize in Difficult Service of Process, including Domestic Violence and Kick Out Orders.
Civil and Criminal Litigation Support
Our investigators are comprised of ex-law enforcement personnel and experienced investigators who specialize in Civil and Criminal Litigation Support. Our investigators are experts in conducting Interviews and Interrogations, recorded statements, witness, victim, defendant, plaintiff  Locate Investigations, Covert Surveillance, Crime/Traffic Scene Investigations, Expert Testimony, Defense Investigations, Trial Preparation, and Service of Process, document retreival and copy services.
Thorough background checks for new employees and management level personnel are a necessity in today's business environment. Our multi-level Background Investigations include Pre-Employment Investigations, Nanny or Caregiver Backgrounds, and Management Level Investigations. We also conduct Business and Due Diligence Investigations for small businesses and corporations.
National Investigators provides complete judgment recovery and asset search investigations in all 50 states and over 100 foreign countries. The searches include Hidden Bank Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, Real Property, Vehicles, Vessels, and Aircraft. We can conduct residence and place of Employment Verifications, Asset Verification, and other related investigations. We alsoconduct International Bank Account Locates.

National Investigators specializes in hard to locate individuals. Whether it is a judgment debtor, a witness, or a past business partner, we can locate them. From runaway teenagers, to long lost family members, to ex-spouses hiding from their obligations, National Investigators can help. Using the latest investigative techniques, superior databases, and years of expertise, we can locate anyone, anywhere.
Background Investigations
National Investigators network of service agents possess the necessary training and certifications to complete service of process assignments in all 50 states. This process ensures that your task is accomplished efficiently and professionally. We offer complete process service for most types of documents, including Small claims, Summons and complaints, Cross complaints, Personal/record Subpoenas, Family law matters, Wage garnishment/Bank levy,  Judgment debtor examination, Domestic restraining order, and Eviction and foreclosure.

Service of Process
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