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National Investigators Partners and Important Links
National Investigators has compiled a list of recommended partners and important links for your reference.
Rios and Rios, LLC
2050 Main Street, Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 222-9938

Attorneys Ronald R. Rios and Christi D. Rios are Family Law Specialists, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Through litigating at a highly professional and ethical level, both partners have earned the respect of judges and lawyers in the community. Each partner of Rios & Rios, LLP, is extremely familiar with the Orange County court system and understands what it takes to reach your goals.

Scott Borthwick, Attorney at Law
4425 Jamboree Rd., Suite 265
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 748-6991

Scott A. Borthwick practices Criminal Defense Law throughout the state of California. Past cases have included a variety of legal categories, and have resulted in favorable jury trials or dropped charges in many instances. Each case is handled with proven skill and experience, with the goal of achieving a fair and just resolution for every client.

Scott J. Minturn, Attorney at Law
41877 Enterprise Circle N., Suite 130
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 296-3993

Scott J. Minturn obtained his law degree from the American College of Law and has been a licensed practioner since 1996. Practice areas include Workers Compensation and all aspects of Family Law.​ Mr. Minturn also serves as President of the Southwest Riverside County Bar Association.

Important Links:
California Department of Consumer Affairs, 
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services                                                                                 www.bsis.ca.gov

Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad
A Law Corporation
1880 Century Park East, Suite 1104
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 552-0500

Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad, A Law Corporation has many years of experience in representing Teachers and other School Employees in Dismissals, Credential and Licensing cases, work related Criminal Defense cases and other employment related Litigation including Disability Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and other Civil Rights and Employment Cases. ​

Seastrom & Seastrom
4695 MacArthur Court, Suite 1450 
Newport Beach, CA 92660 ​
(949) 474-0800
Seastrom & Seastrom offers decades of specialized Family Law experience. From uncomplicated post-decree modifications to the most complex divorces with intricate custody and financial issues, we bring exceptional integrity and expertise to every Family Law matter. Seastrom & Seastrom has successfully represented many of Orange County's—and California's—highest profile cases, including those involving celebrities, high-profile business people, and extraordinarily large estates.

Sapra & Navarra, LLP
4630 Campus Drive, Suite 200-N
Newport Beach, CA 92660 ​
(949) 260-8483
Sapra & Navarra, LLP is a California workers’ compensation defense law firm. We provide aggressive but cost-effective workers' compensation defense for self-insured and insured California employers. Sapra & Navarra closes cases as quickly and inexpensively as possible by cutting litigation costs and reducing case exposure.​