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Technical Security Evaluations/Bug Sweeps
National Investigators has observed an increase in both physical theft as well as intellectual theft in the recent months during this economic downturn. Businesses and employees alike are struggling to make ends meet and normal law abiding citizens are resulting to drastic measures. Employees are spying on employers, stealing private information and selling them to their competitors. Also, Hackers are paid to infiltrate corporate network systems and reveal compromising data to the highest bidder.

National Investigators understands that in a competitive marketplace, insuring your company assets is of the utmost importance. Through complex investigative techniques, such as covert and undercover surveillance, computer forensics, bug sweeps, and other state of the art investigative techniques.

As an individual, your piece of mind is our priority. If you believe someone is listening to your personal conversations, or feel as though your safety is being compromised, let our experienced, professional investigators conduct a complete Security Threat Assessment of your home or business.

National Investigators perform Technical Security Evaluation (TSE) threat assessments, including identification of parties who may wish to spy on your business, gain access to competition sensitive information and undermine your security protocols. Our investigators can conduct physical and electronic searches at your home or business for hidden microphones, transmitters, audio recorders, CCTV systems, and other electronic recording devices. Our searches also include RF frequency spectrum analysis, both digital and analog, telephone system analysis, infrared search, and carrier current analysis of all electrical outlets, in an attempt to detect any device capable of transmitting communications.

Physical Inspection

A physical inspection of all vulnerable areas within the interior and exterior for hidden microphones, transmitters, audio recorders, closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, and any other technical surveillance devices.

RF Spectrum Analysis

Radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis, including recognition capabilities for digital, spread-spectrum, and frequency-hopping transmitters in addition to standard analog devices.

IR Search

Infrared (IR) search of all vulnerable interior and exterior areas.

Video Transmissions

Electronic inspection for covert video transmissions via hidden cameras at all vulnerable interior and exterior areas.

Telephone Inspection

Telephone system analysis including instruments, incoming trunks, in-house cabling, and peripheral equipment and testing for intercept devices such as a phone or wire taps.

Our Technical Security Evaluations consist of the following:
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